15.06 Harry Potter Speaking Club

Harry Potter Speaking Club is one of the series of Sat speaking clubs with Nellie Petlick (native speaker from US) at Druzya Language School.

Get your magic wand and come discuss Harry Potter Universe and magic in everyday lives with Nellie.

Jun 15 (Sat) 3pm-5pm
Harry Potter Speaking Club
Druzya Language School (Darnitsia)
prospekt Vyzvoliteliv 3, office 14

Admission — 200uah
(free admission to current students of Druzya and ProEnglish Drama School)

Remember to register to this or other speaking clubs at Druzya http://www.druzya.in.ua/speaking-clubs-june-2019/

questions — give us a call
(093) 436-88-46

Come to Druzya. Speak English like a wizard! Druzya will help you