Peter Mezey

BIO: New York-born, IBM key-note speaker and communication expert.

Peter Mezey has worked and taught English, business, presentation and leadership in New York and Budapest.

At Druzya Language School Peter teaches confident English communication for groups of adults and teenagers, works with corporate clients on a set of courses and workshops, conducts Sun speaking Clubs at Politech.

Nearest events and courses with Peter Mezey:
Jun 08 (Sat) 3pm-5pm EXAMS speaking club (Druzya Language School, Darnitsia) learn more
Jun 09 (Sun) 11am-2pm IMPROV Course, acting course for adults (ProEnglish Drama School, Shuliavka)
Jun 09 (Sun) 3pm-5pm OUR HABITS speaking club (Druzya Language School, Politech) learn more
Jun 10 (Mon) 5pm-6:30pm YOUNG LEADERS, a course for teenagers start (Druzya Language School, Politech) детальней
Jun 17 (Mon) 6:30pm-8pm POWER TALK, a English course to talk power (Druzya Language School, Politech) know more