Guardian Angel Challenge

Guardian Angel Challenge

Guardian Angel Challenge is a joint project of Druzya Language School, ProEnglish Drama School and ProEnglish Theatre of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Can be done anyone. Anywhere…

Because we want people to become closer to each other in this world… Because you can guard and be guarded…

During Jan 2020 you may become a guardian angel to a stranger and contact him or her 5 times. You don’t have to meet in person. Anyways they’ll know their guardian angel is there…

Examples of a guardian angel task to tell the other person:
— wish «good morning» to a person 5 times
— describe 5 movies to watch
— tell about 5 cool places to go to
— recommend 5 music albums to listen to
— your variant, etc

Here’s what you need to do:
— register by this link https://bit.ly/36idYo4 by Jan 06
— suggest your variant for guardian angel task (the last line in registration link)
— get to know who you are to guard on Jan 07
— start guarding the person (contacting 5 times) in January
— if you are the guardian angel for someone it means you’ll be guarded by someone as well

And of course we’re gonna do it all in English. Because we can)

Druzya Language School (www.druzya.in.ua)
ProEnglish Drama School (www.facebook.com/proenglishdramaschool)
ProEnglish Theatre (www.proenglishtheatre.com)

Register to become the Guardian Angel